Elaine Fuchs – Stem Cells: Biology and Promise for Regenerative Medicine

by Alexey Bersenev on December 3, 2007 · 0 comments

in lecture

I’d like to introduce series of lectures on Hematopoiesis.info

And I’m feeling happy today because I just came back from the Elaine Fuchs lecture. She is an excellent speaker and her presentation at the University of Pennsylvania was great!

Also, I’m really glad that the American Society for Cell Biology provided us her lecture online,
as well as many others in the special video seminar series – iBioSeminars

first part:

second part:

quality is exellent! enjoy

About iBioSeminars® :

iBioSeminars® is a freely available library of seminars from outstanding scientists. Our mission is to host lectures that describe on-going research in leading laboratories (they are not basic, survey-style lectures as might be found in undergraduate or graduate student biology courses). However, iBioSeminars features a more extensive introduction into the subject matter than a typical 50 min university seminar.

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