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Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: ALNY; Cambridge, Mass, USA) Achieves First Human Proof of Concept for an RNAi Therapeutic with GEMINI Study

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals achieved human proof of concept with an RNAi therapeutic, a first for the industry. Results from the company’s GEMINI trial with ALN-RSV01, an RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), showed statistically significant anti-viral efficacy.

Alnylam’s claim to being the first successful demonstration in people was contested by OPKO Health Inc., another company working on RNA-interference drugs that in 2006 presented successful results of a macular-degeneration drug tested on people. According to OPKO, based in Miami, its 2006 trial was almost — but not quite — statistically significant, using the traditional meaning of 95% certainty that the drug had an effect.

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Amazing recovery attributed to cord blood

The 2-year-old son of the Sacramento, Calif., couple was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but is now showing fewer signs of the disorder and marked improvement after an infusion of his own stem cells — made possible by the preservation of his own cord blood shortly before birth.

His cord blood cells were stored at Cord Blood Registry – the world’s largest family cord blood stem cell bank. California-based company has preserved more than 200,000 cord blood samples throughout the world.
Cord blood transplant procedure was performed at Duke University, which currently conducting clinical trial.

watch this report at CBS news:

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TxCell (Sophia Antipolis, France) initiates clinical trials in T-reg therapies for autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases

In 2007, the AFSSAPS (the French Agency for Health Product Safety) authorized the company to start its first clinical trial of a Tr1 lymphocyte-based therapy in Crohn’s disease.

TxCell is using regulatory type 1 (Tr1) cells in an autologous cell therapy process. Tr1 cells have the properties to 1) migrate within the inflamed tissues and 2) locally secrete anti-inflammatory mediators such as IL-10 and TGF-β after specific activation with a control antigen. From this perspective, Tr1 cells can be considered as an immunosuppressive cytokines delivery tool into inflammatory tissues.

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Harvest Technologies Corp. (Plymouth, Mass, USA) has begun for a clinical trial in India using autologous adult stem cells to treat patients with non-reconstructible Critical Limb Ischemia

60-patient clinical trial using the Company’s BMAC™System (Autologous Stem Cells from bone marrow aspirate) to treat patients with non-reconstructible Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) is now underway at Shri Ramachandra Medical Center, a Harvard Medical international-associated institution based in Chennai, India, one of the largest private healthcare facilities in South Asia.

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CellTraffix (Rochester, NY, USA) Implanted Device Captures Stem Cells from Bloodstream in Live Rats
work was published in British Journal of Hematology

Purity of captured CD34+ cells showed sevenfold enrichment over levels found in whole blood, with an average purity of 28%. Robust cell capture and HSPC enrichment were also demonstrated in devices that were implanted in a closed-loop arterio-venous shunt conformation for 2 h. Adherent cells were viable in culture and able to differentiate into burst-forming units. This study demonstrated an ability to mimic the physiological arrest of HSPCs from blood in an implantable device and may represent a practical alternative for adult stem cell capture and enrichment.

CellTraffix has pioneered core platform technologies for the selection and manipulation of a broad range of Target Cells found in the bloodstream for modification, collection or elimination. Target Cells include circulating tumor cells, adult stem cells and immunological cells. The core platform technology involves a flow-mediated adhesion system, built on a biocompatible substrate or device.

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