How to search for a job? RSS-manual

by Alexey Bersenev on May 30, 2008 · 0 comments

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We are always looking for the best way of searching for a job. It’s should be fast and effective.
RSS Feed technology is an incredible tool for it!
Here is manual how to use RSS for searching a job. As an example i took “stem cell research” field, but you can apply the same scenario for any life science disciplines.

1. Learn more (read and watch) about RSS feed
2. Install RSS-reader (I use Google Reader) on your computer
3. I recommend to use 4 databases for the search:
type “stem cell” in search field –> search –> click “save this search as an RSS feed” –> copy this web address which will appear in your browser and paste in “add subscription” of your reader

NewScientist Jobs (aka ScienceJobs)
do the same steps: type keywords “stem cell” –> click “search” –> after generation of results click on RSS icon –> copy this generated web address and paste in “add subscription” of your reader

Science Careers
use this RSS Feed for “stem cell” search result and “add subscription” in your reader

Monster Job Search
use this RSS Feed in your reader for “stem cell” search result

have a good search!

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