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Stem cell business models

A while ago I wrote about how to start a career in the regenerative medicine field [1]. Also I was trying to encourage you and get involved [2]in the business.

If some of you finally decide to invest your time and money in the so called “stem cell business” or related – “regenerative medicine” and “cell therapy industry“, today I’m going to highlight some directions to go. What business models do we have today? How to choose the right one? What is your niche? I invite you to discuss!

1. Banking
A. ESC and iPS lines – normal and genetically abnormal (after PGD) for research (UK Stem Cell Bank [3]);
B. Adult stem cells and tissues – mobilized peripheral blood (NeoStem [4]), adipose-derived stem cells (Cytori Therapeutics [5]), teeth stem cell (BioEden [6]), stem cells from menstrual blood (Cryo-Cell [7]);
C. Perinatal tissues – cord blood, placental stem cells, umbilical cord, circumcised tissues, cells from amniotic fluid.

2. Creation and selling of ESC (Stem Cell Sciences [8]) and iPS (iZumi Bio [9]) lines for toxicology testing, drug screening, research (could be combined with banking 1A).

3. Contract manufacturing (read about it here [10]).

4. Therapies
A. full therapeutic service (Regenexx [11]);
B. creation and selling cell product to the clinic (Osiris Therapeutics [12]);
C. creation and selling tissue-engineered product (Tengion [13])
D. antibodies and molecules, regulates migration and proliferation of normal stem cells (Genzyme [14] ) and target cancer stem cells (OncoMed [15]);
E. “stem cell tourism” (only service).

5. Devices
for bone marrow collection and stem cell enrichment (Harvest Technologies [16]), for adipose-derived collection and stem cell enrichment (Cytori Therapeutics [17]), HSC and progenitors enrichment (CellTraffix [18]).

6. Cells, kits and reagents for stem cell research (Stem Cell Technologies [19]).

7. Consulting (Cell Therapy Group [20]).

I hope this information can help you navigate in choosing your own niche in the stem cell business. So, don’t wait, become a stem cell entrepreneur and get your start-up!
Let me know if I missed any other models.


also read: In search of a viable business model [21] (Nature Reports Stem Cells)

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