What is the most promising method for targeting cancer stem cells?

by Alexey Bersenev on September 13, 2011 · 0 comments

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I wrote a lot about cancer stem cells in the last two years. You can track some of my posts here and here. It is very exciting and evolving field combining stem cell and cancer research. Currently, most professionals from both fields, are convinced in validity of cancer stem cell concept. But still, there are a lot of controversies about biology and clinical significance of cancer stem cells. The biggest unresolved question: “How can we target them therapeutically?” Today, I’d like to ask this question and give you opportunity to express your opinion.

I created a poll – What is the most promising method for targeting cancer stem cells? Please vote and express your opinion in comments. Because I’m asking to pick “the most promising method”, you can choose only one answer. Because some of you would think between two equal approaches, I included “combination of 2 methods” option.

I’d like to ask you to spread the word about this poll and help us to get more votes. Please share this poll via email or post it on your blog, tweeter, LinkedIn and any other social networking sites. I’d love to see your opinion in comments, especially for the last 3 options. Please tell us why do you think so.

poll direct link: http://poll.fm/39tdg
short URL: http://bit.ly/nNyp5s

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