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by Alexey Bersenev on August 22, 2012 · 0 comments

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NCT database is testing a beta version of new interface. It looks nicer, more user friendly and has some additional functionality. I was especially enjoying by maps of trials location.

To illustrate the maps functionality, I’ll show you a couple of test searches.
For example, let’s look at results of a query “mesenchymal stem cell“:

You can click on a region and break data down by number of trials per country.

Now, let’s narrow down our search to the term “umbilical cord mesenchymal stem“:

What can we briefly learn from these maps, without reading through all trials description? We can see that East Asia (includes China, Taiwan and S. Korea) region has more registered mesenchymal stem cell trials (n=84) than North America (n=62). US and China have approximately the same number of MSC trials (57 versus 55) For some of you it could be surprising. When we start to narrow down the search to source, we can see that the half of MSC trials in East Asia and China involve umbilical cord-derived MSC (for East Asia 43/84=51%, for China 27/55=49%, for S. Korea 7/19=37%). For US this number 4/57=7%.

I think, it’s quite useful feature, which could work nicely for some queries. So, go ahead guys and play with this new function!

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