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What can completely screw up your impression about the company? Right – bad press-release! I read press-releases (PRs) almost every day and I’d like to say that some of them, especially written by “stem cell industry guys”, really piss me off. So much lie! Unprofessionalism, false information, overhype, disrespect to peers/ competitors – you can find everything in these PRs. Do they really think that their audience so stupid? But, sometimes, they are funny. So, if you want good laugh…

Ok, now some examples. I’d like to tell you guys, that Osiris and CellTex are my favorite characters. They are never boring! They are fighters!

Osiris about Prochymal approval:

The historic decision marks the world’s first regulatory approval of a manufactured stem cell product…

Why would they call 4th stem cell product on a market as first?

Later, they tuned it up a bit:

Prochymal became the world’s first stem cell therapy to be approved by an internationally recognized regulatory authority

To say “Health Canada is the only internationally recognized regulatory authority” equal to “Canada is the only internationally recognized country”.  Seem like Osiris never heard of such country as South Korea.

CellTex about FDA visit:

The main issues in the FDA observations arose from a language barrier. RNL scientists extensively document procedures, including validations, but they are recorded in Korean and were not able to be provided in English to FDA during its visit.

The language barrier is always main issue. Sure!

Osiris updates on “groundbreaking” diabetes trial:

No significant differences in the rates of disease progression, as measured by stimulated C-peptide levels at the one year time point, have been observed.

Clearly, there is a trend in stem cell field to label everything that demonstrates “no difference” as “groundbreaking”!

CellTex about an update on “collaboration” with FDA:

Celltex makes identical copies of an individual’s own stem cells and therefore should not be subject to FDA regulation as drugs.

Identical copies! Wow! Magic! Identical copies are not drugs!

Ok, enough of Osiris and Celltex. One of the latest PR from famous Korean company RNL Bio, has exceeded all my expectations! This is unbeatable!

As you go through the release, you can see the following:

  • Revolutionary Findings
  • the First Real Breakthrough toward Preventing Alzheimer’s and Helping Millions of Patients and Families by Relieving its Symptoms
  • the first study of its kind
  • a study that suggests an astounding possibility
  • adult stem cells … can prevent the disease
  • for the first time in history
  • identify the mechanism that is key to treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
  • a “holy grail” of biomedical scientists for decades
  • this first major study
  • Alzheimer’s may soon be a preventable disease, or even a thing of the past
  • thought by many to be impossible for adult stem cells to cross, and went into the brain
  • for the first time ever
  • amazingly, that stem cells’ therapeutic effect on Alzheimer’s disease was tremendous
  • No other compound or treatment has ever suggested so strongly the potential to prevent, as well as stop, this epidemic
  • It is a ground breaking discovery
  • such a simple method
  • the safest autologous adipose stem cells
  • opened a new door to conquering Alzheimer’s disease
  • one of the most horrible, expensive and incurable diseases of our time
  • It has never been more clear
  • such obvious potential
  • the real breakthrough
  • this revolutionary study


Such a load of BS! For whom did they write this? Almost every claim is false!

To be fair, the study itself is actually not very bad. I’ve got some questions while reading a study and it’s ok. But press-release… I’m speechless!

The problem is that such exaggerated claims can give false hope to vulnerable patients:

… unfortunately, reporting that new cures are just around the corner does nothing but give false hope to many cancer patients.

Honestly, I even have a trouble to believe that such PRs are good as a marketing strategy. Investors are fed up by this BS! Simply, all stem cell PRs are breakthroughs! Give us some facts, some valuable information!

Please tell me what do you think about stem cell press-releases. Quote your favorites in comments! Let’s laugh together!

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Frances Verter October 6, 2012 at 6:11 pm

ROFL… I always love your blogs!


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