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Dear readers, as you know I have been collecting cell therapy clinical trials data for several years now. I posted some snapshots, based on my own raw data analysis as “annual reports“. However, I have not shared or offered raw data before. I’m happy to tell you that now everyone can get raw data and create your own cell therapy analytics.


Recently, I started a partnership with Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation (PGCBF) in order to make cell therapy trials data available for sale. PGCBF for many years has been involved in data capture, related to perinatal cells/ tissues banking and therapeutic use. Now, we have combined our expertise and efforts in data collection. I was waiting for years when somebody will take time and verify all data, collected by me. Finally, it happened! I’m happy to introduce our new project Cell Trials Data.

When I started this project with PGCBF, we decided to use definition of Advanced Cell Therapy to set inclusion and exclusion criteria for the most comprehensive data capture. To simplify, our definition is very close to cell-based ATMP (as defined by EMA), but read more about it here. In my previous reports I excluded some trials, which could fit definition of ATMP (for example, CD34+ cells gene-modified ex vivo or cord blood cells expanded/ stimulated ex vivo), now we have included them. Also, we expanded our search strategy to include more key words and found more trials that were missed in my earlier reports. Therefore, the total number of trials increased and I’ll update you with fresh pieces of analysis soon.

Now, I’d like to highlight some advantages of our new project, compared with other (published or available online) data compilations and (unpublished) business reports:

  1. We are the only one, who offers the raw data (in a form of Exel spreadsheets). Yes, the data freely available in registries, but you have to spend a lot of time to capture them all accurately and fully. If you ever did a search in clinical trials database, you know how it could be hard to sort through the junk. We’ve done it for you already.
  2. The data is verified by 2 independent experts – me and Pedro Couto (from PGCBF). After studying of all available published data compilations in the field, we think, that our datasets are the most complete, detailed and comprehensive.
  3. Most of the available data compilations based on only search of ClinicalTrials.gov, whereas we search a dozen trial registries that cover the whole world. So, we think, nothing is missed!
  4. The beauty of raw data is a possibility to build upon and make your own analytics. You can slice and dice it in any possible way, generate statistical data, trends, make graphs and present it on conferences! What could be better than that?
  5. Unlike our datasets, you cannot verify accuracy of commercial market reports. You won’t know how credible they are. Every trial in our datasets is linked to original public source, which you can verify.
  6. We are updating our datasets and making new ones constantly. We are also offering custom data packages and we are very open to suggestions and feedback.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Cell Trials Data site.

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