What is the hottest CAR cell therapy target beyond CD19?

by Alexey Bersenev on October 6, 2017 · 1 comment

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Choice of the right target is a key to successful development of CAR cell therapy. Until now the major success of CAR-T cell therapy was related to just one target – CD19. But what about other targets? Is anything else promising in the pipeline? What targets are the most popular for liquid and solid malignancies? How is interest to different CAR cell targets changing over the years? I was trying to answer these questions using All CAR-T Trials database. Analysis cutoff date is October 1, 2017. Here I’m sharing some data.

Total number of targets
I was able to identify 51 targets, mentioned in database listings – 19 targets in liquid malignancies and 32 targets in solid malignancies. Some trials (from China) are describing multiple targets, for example NCT03291444 (CD19, CD20, CD22, CD10, CD33, CD38 CD56, CD117, CD123, CD34) or NCT03267173 (mesothelin, PSCA, CEA, HER2, MUC1, EGFRvIII). Some trials are covering 2 targets as “and/or/bispecific”, for example EUCTR2016-004680-39 (CD19/CD22 bispecific) or NCT03207178 (CD19 and CD20 sequential). Overall, 91% of trials have a single target and 9% of trials have 2 or more targets.

Value of CD19
50% of all registered CAR cell trials are targeting CD19. A small fraction of it is CD19 with other targets (and/or/bispecific):
CD19 share

Targets in liquid malignancies
What is the next most popular target after CD19? Look like CD22, BCMA and CD20 are leading, but bear in mind that most of the trials, involved CD20 and CD22 are done in conjunction with CD19 (and/or/bispecific) – click picture to enlarge:
liquid targets # trials

Targets in solid malignancies
Mesothelin captured the most attention of CAR cell therapy developers in solid malignancies. But it tightly followed by GPC3, GD2, EGFR and CEA – click picture to enlarge:
solid targets # trials

It is important to look at how interest to CAR targets was changing with time. Here is one example of the trend:
CD30 vs BCMA

As you can see from this graph, the interest to CD30 spiked last year, but now is trending down. BCMA took off in 2015 and now is trending up high. The reason – great clinical results.

You can look at any other target and draw the trend line to understand where the field is moving. Get all raw CAR cell trials data and play with it!

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